Lake Nona Community Seed-packing Event

This fall Lake Nona folks came together with one common goal, to pack seeds for impoverished communities in Africa. University Presbyterian Lake Nona hosted the event at Pioneers , across from Walmart on Narcoossee, alongside local sponsor Cru.

At the event, 415 volunteers packed 60,000 seed packs. And each seed pack will produce 10 pounds of vegetables in its first harvest. So in essence the Nonahood effort could easily result in 600,000 pounds of vegetables or more. That’s a staggering number to wrap your brain around.

Here are some figures to help make sense of it:

  • - Orlando is currently up to 217,000 residents. If we grew the vegetables here, each resident would receive almost 3 pounds of healthy greens.
  • - If we grew the vegetables just for Lake Nona’s population, which is about 59,000 residents, that would be about 10 pounds of beets, onions and cabbage per individual.

Lake Nona’s effort doesn’t stop with the staggering amount of seeds we packed. When the seeds arrive, Cru and in-country partners will train locals in water conservation, micro-irrigation and community gardening. Then since many of the communities receiving these vegetables will have a surplus, they can be sold at market for school supplies, tuition and other needed commodities.

Thank you Lake Nona. Let’s do it again soon.


Odette lives in one of the poorest regions of Rwanda. Widowed for over eight years, she’s struggled to put food on the table. Talking with GAiN staff, she said, “When I first got these seeds, I was so pleased and very grateful because my neighbors were amazed to see how the Lord is caring for me!” She beamed as she showed off the onions she harvested.