What are Life Groups?

Life Groups are small, growing communities of disciples on mission with God. Life Groups may be composed of as few as five people or as many as twenty, although the optimum size is somewhere between eight and fourteen. Life Groups are made up of people ideally from the same neighborhood or community.

What are life groups about?

Life Groups are UPC’s primary means of shepherding the flock and making, maturing, and multiplying disciples. To accomplish these goals, Life Groups provide the following four things essential for growth in the gospel: A Next Step. Life Groups are the “next step” for people new to the church. We invite new people into a group as soon as possible and get them connected to other believers. There they find a welcome sense of belonging and mutual esteem, regardless of where people are in their spiritual journey. A Safe-House. Life Groups are “spiritual safe-houses” where we share our struggles, talk about the real stuff of life, and receive support, prayer, and encouragement. A Seedbed. Life Groups are “spiritual seedbeds” where we create an environment of spiritual transformation through Bible study, sermon reflection, prayer, fellowship, and mutual care. Life Groups equip believers for the daily Christian life. A Launch Pad. Life Groups are “spiritual launch pads” where we help people have an impact on others. In a Life Group, people discover, unlock, and employ their spiritual gifts in service to others. Each Life Group has a mission of word and deed to lost and unchurched friends and neighbors. We also use our groups to raise up new leaders and equip more people over time.

Looking to join a Life Group?

It's now easier than ever to get plugged into a Life Group! Visit  our online Life Group Finder to find your group today.

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