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by Pr. BJ Milgate

From Groaning to Glory

From Groaning to Glory

“For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.”
(Romans 8:19)


The apostle Paul teaches us that there is an example of the patience, to which he had exhorted us, even in mute creatures. For, to omit various interpretations, that there is no element and no part of the world which, being touched, as it were, with a sense of its present misery, does not intensely hope for a resurrection. He indeed lays down two things, — that all are creatures in distress, — and yet that they are sustained by hope. And it hence also appears how immense is the value of eternal glory, that it can excite and draw all things to desire it.

Further, the expression, expectation, or waits for, though somewhat unusual, yet has a most suitable meaning; for he meant to intimate, that all creatures, seized with great anxiety and held in suspense with great desire, look for that day which shall openly exhibit the glory of the children of God. The revelation of God’s children shall be, when we shall be like God, according to what John says: “For though we know that we are now his sons, yet it appears not yet what we shall be.” (1Jo 3:2)

(Calvin’s Commentaries, Vol. 8: Psalms, Part I)


Last Sunday, September 24th, Pastor BJ preached on Romans 8:18-30, “From Groaning to Glory.” This is a great passage of encouragement to us, as we suffer and groan, we have confidence that God is bringing not only us, but his entire creation to a renewed glory, by means of Jesus’ resurrection.

You can listen to the sermon Here