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Summer in the Psalms – Known By God

Summer in the Psalms – Known By God

My frame was not hidden from you

when I was made in the secret place,

when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.

Psalm 139:15


 Nothing is hidden from God, David now begins to prove from the way in which man is at first formed, and points out God’s superiority to other artificers in this, that while they must have their work set before their eyes before they can form it, he fashioned us in our mother’s womb. He next likens the womb of the mother to the lowest caverns or recesses of the earth. Should an artisan intend commencing a work in some dark cave where there was no light to assist him, how would he set his hand to it? In what way would he proceed? And what kind of workmanship would it prove? But God makes the most perfect work of all in the dark, for he fashions man in mother’s womb.

 David no doubt means figuratively to express the inconceivable skill which appears in the formation of the human body. When we examine it, even to the nails on our fingers, there is nothing which could be altered, without felt inconveniency, as at something disjointed or put out of place; and what, then, if we should make the individual parts the subject of enumeration? Where is the embroiderer who — with all his industry and ingenuity — could execute the hundredth part of this complicate and diversified structure? We need not then wonder if God, who formed man so perfectly in the womb, should have an exact knowledge of him after he is ushered into the world.

(Calvin’s Commentaries, Vol. 12: Psalms, Part V)


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